The Onboard spa

We have operated spas onboard luxury cruise ships for over 40 years and during that time has witnessed the spa, beauty and cruise industry transform from appealing to niche markets to serving the vacationing public at large. In fact, both the spa and cruise industry are central to the North American lifestyle and continues to become more central in Europe and other regions.

O nama

Since our early beginnings, we have offered cruise ship jobs to over 50,000 beauty, spa and fitness professionals, giving them the opportunity to see places that others only dream about. Many stay with us for one or two contracts, but a core group remain with us for much longer – 20 or even 30 years.
We are an innovative spa company dedicated to promoting beauty and wellness throughout the world with one unified vision: Inner peace. Outer beauty. It is our intent to improve self-awareness and ignite in each guest a commitment to their own well-being. We do not merely offer spa, salon and fitness services, but instead an entire new way of life that focuses on well-being. How? Each and every guest will receive their spa, salon or fitness service from confident, caring and knowledgeable spa and salon experts who will not only make each guest feel wonderful, but will also teach them how to continue caring for themselves every day through home care programs including diet exercise and self-care rituals. Established in 1901. Recreated Daily.

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