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Who WE are and what WE do: The HeadHunter Montenegro is a part of The HeadHunter Group, an innovative Staffing, Recruiting, HR consulting Group, operating in Southeast Europe. The HeadHunter Montenegro work closely together with other branches of The Headhunter Group: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, USA, and all together we offer the newest mentality in Staffing industry and our core business are Candidates and Clients. We lead in the Western Balkans job market if one would consider trust and professionalism as two most important factors for this business. We do innovate and evolve. The Headhunter Montenegro Mission: To provide the best HR consulting, staff leasing and recruiting service at home and abroad, by making a difference. You will get our full attention, speed, dedication for best price. We are opened for cooperation with candidates and clients from every part of world, every race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, with people with disabilities and special needs. We are here to make office better work space, we want to be recognized as positive and open minded. Our business has a positive impact on the people every day. Helping people to “better job, better life” is our common purpose and the way in which we contribute to society. This is what we do, this is what we know about, this is what we care about, this is what we are all about.

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The Headhunter Montenegro services include:

*HR consulting:
The HeadHunter Montenegro offers HR Consultancy and support covering a variety of areas and implementation of: employee performance evaluation process, people mapping process, employee satisfaction survey, HR Department functioning and strategy optimization, review of existing HR Policies and designation of missing HR policies and procedures and respective documentation.
The HeadHunter Group offers a competitive executive headhunting service for executives and key professionals. We offer this service in many business sectors. We have the best fee structure on the market. By doing this, our headhunting services are very competitive and provide our clients with a cost-effective alternative to the mainstream providers. Our headhunting service is tailored exactly to customers’ requirements. We search the candidates in your field and contact them confidentially. Our research center is responsible for searching and contacting professionals in the given profile. Each project usually includes active contacting to 20-30 candidates per project. The candidate presentation includes CV, candidate report and a short video clip of 2-5 minutes (only applicable for international candidates). The client can impact the questions raised in the video interview. The questions can be i.e. technology related or other relevant question in relation to the recruitment. In International projects we also offer to set up real-time candidate interviews through our Online Web Interview Tool when preferred. This gives us a time advantage related to candidates presented from different countries and makes it possible to streamline the client interview process in the international markets. The objective is to have the option for a first candidate’s interview from different locations in the The Headhunter Ltd network without travelling obstacles.
*Job advertisements posting:
The HeadHunter has its (.ba .al .rs .mk .gr ) own recruitment media Karriera ( where companies can also publicize their job ads, for free or by paying the premium ads.
Our training modules are the most innovative on the market and our experts are mainly from USA and EU countries. We also have on board the best local trainers. Our modules cover all the industries in our country and lead towards success.
*Market Research:
Through our market research tools, we: Identify opportunities to serve various groups of customers. Examine the size of the market and how many people have the unmet need. Determine the best methods to meet the unmet needs of the target markets. Investigate the competition. Clarify your unique value proposition. Determine if the product is effectively meeting the needs of the customers. Determine if your advertising and promotions strategies are effective or not.

*Salary Mapping
What does salary mapping do?Salary mapping links the Salary Classification Categories through to the Job Position Types. This is done so an administrator can select the appropriate salary grading after a Job Position Types has been selected, ensuring that only the correct salary grading can be assigned to thecorrect Job Position Types for a Position Description or Advertisement. What are Salary Classification Categories? Salary Classification categories are the groups by which staff members are divided by their education, seniority and hierarchical levels. What are Job Position Type Categories? For every Position Description or advertisement, a Job Position Type category is assigned. These Types are determined by various factors, such as working conditions, education, pay, workloads, benefits etc.
*Mystery shopper.
*Recruiting (in process of gathering documentation and conditions for license): There’s no value in sorting through a big number of resumes (CV-s) from job seekers who do not meet your requirements, you are spending too much Time, Energy and Money. HeadHunter’s solutions give you direct access to top-best, fully screened and ideally qualified candidates in every industry and at every level. It is less time consuming, more cost effective and the most successful way to hire the right people for the job and for your company. We have the expertise to find and deliver talented candidates with the right skills and experience for your permanent positions. We offer a combined recruitment process that consists of the usage of headhunting, our company’s Talent Agent Network, advertised search and database search.
*Staff Leasing (in process of gathering documentation and conditions for license): We become responsible for the administration, filing and compliance for your employees. This provides full support system for your
current Human Resource Department, allowing you more time to focus on growth, selection and employee development. By streamlining your personnel cost through vendor consolidation and offering a comprehensive employee benefit package, we become your trusted business advisory and partner, allowing you to concentrate on the business you know best... your own!

The Headhunter Montenegro secondary services, done by us and our partners:
*Virtual office, also known as administrative address service;
*Providing (renting, buying, furnishing, organizing) office space for our clients;
*Company registration;
*Accounting services;
*Legal services;
*Administrative services;
*Work and travel USA for students.

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