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The Headhunter has offices in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Serbia, Texas (USA).

We are looking for:


Full Stack Web Developer



Key responsibilities:

  • Facilitate technical support for the team. This includes pairing, code reviews and facilitating technical designs
  • Facilitate the development of best practices. This includes packaging, modularization (think reusability), style and for the coup de grace, TESTING! Help move us to a red, green, refactor, repeat development pattern
  • Engage with other developers to ensure teams work collaboratively when required
  • Conduct spike and exploratory work to better understand the shape of features. This information will be used by project managers to position work in the backlog and by the team during estimation sessions
  • Responsible to Team Lead
  • Mentor junior developers. Help organize our up and comers into rock stars like yourself
  • Work directly with Architecture to facilitate design changes and overcome technical limitations
  • Get your hands dirty with coding.

Key Skills:

  • HTML, CSS3, Angular, Node.js, MEAN stack, PHP (Laravel), MySQL, AWS
  • Broad experience with successful and failed projects
  • Experience with breaking down projects into work units, effectively delegating tasks and tracking status
  • Excellent understanding of development best practices (you do not even think about writing code before writing a test case first!)
  • Deep architectural understanding of web applications and application micro services
  • Worked with some of the standard front end technologies like CSS, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of Open Source libraries, tools and frameworks, e.g. for logging, wiring, testing, and building.
  • Excitement for the latest trends in application design – Interest in learning more about new languages, frameworks and just better ways to work in general
  • Worked with agile software development methodologies like XP and Scrum.


If you believe that, you are the right person for this position and you feel confident with the listed responsibilities and requirements, please send your CV document to the following email address: or using the option KONKURIŠITE NA OGLAS.

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