Olifu GmbH is an outfitter for Kindergartens and schools since 1986 and also a representative in therapeutic institutions. Our concept has already been implemented successfully in 19 Countries worldwide. And we want to grow. With you! Olifu d.o.o. is in Slovenia since 2014 and now moving into Adria region. www.olifu.si We offer dedicated agents, sale representatives (m/f) and those, who want to become one, the opportunity to build up a future oriented business with exclusive products in various fields. We are offering complete support and training and close relation with Olifu Slovenia. Business cooperation varation is also possible.

Self - Employed exclusive Field Representative (m/f) - Take a look:

  • Are you self-employed, but not satisfied with your products and earning potential?
  • Do you want to be your own boss, but still looking for the right products and sale opportunities?
  • Would you like to grow successfully with little capital resources?

Then we have a unique opportunity for you:
Become our Partner (m/f) for Educational Toys in your Region (Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo)


Regional Manager / Sales Manager (m/f) - Sales Consultant Exclusive Contract Dealer for Toys & Games


Your Advantages, Chances and Selling Arguments are:

  • Our Toys for Education and Learning are certificated High-Quality products, which are to 90 % own developed with a lot of know-how in Germany.
  • The high quality and use of our products and the needs of the children are first priority - this is why we constantly involve teachers and educators (m/f) in our development and draw on their special knowledge and work on their ideas.
  • Highlights are guaranteed and beyond the mass market: The sample assortment of our field representatives (m/f) are fitted with new items 3 to 4 times a year.
  • Our products go through a lot of children's hands. And in terms of quality, creativity and periodic renewals they are nearly unrivalled in the market.
  • The selective assortment and the exclusive in-house development of educational toys will open you many doors.
  • We provide you with advice and support: A thorough professional training, which we carry out in Ljubljana and Grunberg is self-evident we also take for granted - e.g. Like terms of function, creative and playful approach and added value of the products , Presentation of the portfolio in the direct dialogue, acquisition of new customer.- Start from zero to hundred: in a market with great potentials and excellent income opportunities.
  • You choose your location - ideally in a bigger city with lots of schools and care centers to be close to your prospective customers.

What distinguishes you:
Ideally you have already had success as a field representative and you can build a strong customer relation to your customers. Or you have not engaged in sales up to now, but you are sure to meet our requirements, maybe because you already have connections in the surroundings of Daycare Centers, Nurseries or Schools?
If you already worked in this field or you are a newcomer (m/f): We are interested in you and in your creative skills and also the potential that lies within you. Important is that you know the deeper sense and purpose of our high-quality products, "how to play with them and what you can learn from them, generate enthusiasm for them".
Furthermore you should be sociable, motivated and responsible with your tasks, characterized by entrepreneurial thinking and transacting. And of course you should have fun when acting with children.


Set your course for success:
Have we aroused your interest? Then let us get into conversation accordingly. 

If you meet all of the above criteria then please apply using the option KONKURIŠITE NA OGLAS.

All applications must be in English.

Ovaj oglas je istekao i poslodavac više ne prima prijave putem portala.