The HeadHunter is a company that primarily deals with human resources, relationship consulting
of human resources, by raising employers' awareness of the importance of the human resources department in the company.

The HeadHunter has representatives with offices in Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Texas (USA).

For the needs of our Client, we publish an advertisement for the position:

  • Analyzes, plans and organizes tasks according to priorities, based on information analysis;
  • Plans financial operations;
  • Preparation of budgetary needs for financing organizational units /budget/;
  • He is responsible for up-to-date and accurate accounting /synthetic and analytical records/;
  • Monitors financial transactions related to projects;
  • Represents support to other sectors in the form of calculations, invoicing, searching and correcting errors related to the same;
  • He is responsible for reconciling the accounting and actual state of assets and liabilities;
  • Prepares financial statements / balance sheet of assets and liabilities, income statement / for internal and external users of accounting information;
  • You have excellent knowledge of the English language;
  • Makes bookings and manages complete finances for business units/companies;
  • He is responsible for keeping accounting documentation;
  • Monitors financial transactions related to projects;
  • Provides records of income and expenditure monitoring;
  • Prepares data for the preparation of financial statements;
  • Prepares reports for the needs of Management;
  • Prepares various types of reports by order of the superior;
  • Prepare data and participate in auditing and all types of controls;
  • Prepares and implements periodic and annual lists of funds and sources of funds;
  • Cooperates with clients, banks and state institutions in accordance with the company's obligations;
  • Proactively makes suggestions for improving processes and procedures in the Finance section;
  • Know and follow international accounting standards and regulations of Montenegro in the field of accounting and auditing;
  • Permanently works on his professional development;
  • Works in accordance with the ethical code of the group, work standards, the law and other regulations from the job description;
  • Performs tasks in accordance with legal and other health and environmental protection standards;
  • Performs other tasks assigned to him in accordance with the law and other regulations;
  • Higher level of education, VII1 level of qualifications in the field of economics and similar;
  • Knowledge of jobs in the field of work: finance, accounting, analytics, statistics;
  • Passed professional exam (authorized accountant-auditor);
  • Fluency in English (knowledge of Russian is desirable but not necessary)
  • Desirable experience in production accounting;
  • You are ready to take on responsibilities and complete tasks to the end regardless of challenges;
  • Candidates who have not been criminally prosecuted and punished are considered;
  • A dynamic, positive and creative environment that enables growth and development in reaching your full potential;
  • A company that recognizes and invests in the career development of its employees;

If you are interested in the mentioned position, please send your CV to the e-mail address: [email protected] or via the option KONKURIŠITE NA OGLAS.


Ovaj oglas je istekao i poslodavac više ne prima prijave putem portala.